Check this thing out!

We are very pleased to announce that we will be adding a super-cool piece of equipment to DT studios next year.  It’s called the SawStop!

This industrial strength table saw is not only an outstanding saw but also has some amazing safety features.  It has a computerized “brain” that fully scans the machine to make sure that everything is safe before turning on, provides excellent guards and anti-kickback protection and, definitely the coolest feature of all, it actually runs a small electronic current through the blade for user protection too.  If anything were to remove current from the blade (like your finger) the blade instantly stops, drops below the table and latches into an aluminum brake.  This all happens in 5 milliseconds!  Much like an airbag in a car, it’s a safety feature we hope we never have to use but will be very glad it’s there if we do.

For more info watch the “How it works” videos on their website –

On a personal note, Mr. Dent used one of these for about 3 years in the school where he worked before coming to Sage.  In his opinion, even without all the awesome safety features, this is the best table saw he’s ever used!


Another Grant for DT!

Mr. Guy Falconer has successfully acquired $2500 for the Sage DT Department through the Idaho STEM Action Center PK12 STEM Grant!  This money will be used by our 10th graders to build structures known as Conestoga Huts.  These huts are low cost (approximately $900 each) simple shelters that are often used to house people who are homeless or in need.  Our students will be constructing Conestoga Huts and hope to soon place these structures in the Boise community to help others.  You can learn more about Conestoga Huts here.


The Hour of Code is coming!

We are pleased to announce that the Hour of Code will again take place at Sage.  This year we will involve Elementary, Middle and High school students and we have a special surprise planned for those who complete an hour of coding.  Also, the lessons have changed and now feature tutorials based on Minecraft, Star Wars and more!  Learn more here.

The hour of Code will take place between December 7-13.


What is Solidworks?

Sage 8th graders will soon be joining upper level students as they work with a program called Solidworks.  This program is a very advanced 3D Design program that is commonly used throughout industry today.  It is frequently used by top designers in many fields to create virtual representations of different objects with tremendous precision.  The program used in DT is the exact same program used in industry today.  Our students will develop the ability to create different objects (parts), put them together (assemble) and create a set of technical drawings.  This program will be revisited frequently throughout the MYP DT program at Sage.


What a treat!

Sage 8th graders were able to spend a class period walking through and talking with two Tiny House Builders, Jenna and Guillaume of Tiny House Giant Journey.  They were on their way though town and found time to stop by and show off their house.  It was a real delight to walk through a real Tiny House and meet some people who actually built and live in their own house.

DSC_0725DSC_0727   DSC_0716DSC_0720 DSC_0718 DSC_0717  DSC_0715 DSC_0714 DSC_0712.


Macy Miller joins the 8th graders

World famous Tiny Home architect and Boise Resident Macy Miller has teamed up with the Sage DT department to help our students design and create Tiny Homes.  They spent the first day studying design concepts of her home as well as many others around the world.  Much of their early reflection centered around developing a list of priorities and studying the strategic use of space.  Macy will continue to work with Sage DT throughout the school year and provide valuable input for our students.  We’re thrilled to have her!